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Mock Draft 2015 Luther Rommens en Arne Dewolf

Op 30 april zal Roger Goodell de beroemde woorden uitspreken: ‘Welcome to the 2015 NFL draft’. Miljoenen mensen zullen op het puntje van hun stoel zitten om te weten welke College spelers gekozen worden in de eerste ronde door een van de 32 NFL ploegen. Ter voorbereiding op de draft maken vele mensen mock-drafts, waarin ze proberen te voorspellen wie wanneer gekozen wordt. Zo ook wij hier bij afootballlifebelgium. Hier is de Mock-draft van Luther Rommens en Arne Dewolf.

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Seahawks are Conference Champions

As predicted both the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots won their respective games. The Colts-Patriots game ended exactly like everyone expected, with the Patriots destroying the colts (7-45 check the highlights here). Green Bay vs. Seattle on the other hand was one of the craziest games I have seen in a while.

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Preview conference championship

This weekend is a heck of a weekend with the conference championchips coming up! on sunday the Seahawks host the Packers and the Patriots host the Colts. I think it's safe to say that the matchup between the best offense and the best defense (read Rodgers vs Legion of boom) is the most exciting.

My First Blog Post

Hi, my name is Luther, an Antwerp Native and rookie player of the Antwerp Diamonds senior squad. Although football is not a big sport in Belgium (only 17 teams) my whole life breathes football. 

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